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A complete restoration of domestic flights of Vietnam Airlines


Number of Vietnam Airlines' domestic flights on May 29 exceeded beyond the same period in 2019 with an impressive increase of 36% and reached over 300 flights.

Vietnam will grant e-visa for citizens of 80 countries


The Government has just published a list of 80 countries whose citizens have been granted e-visa and a list of 37 international border gates that allow foreigners to enter and exit with e-visas.

Vietnamese people travel Vietnam: Zero Milestone – Hanoi Highlights


​Hanoi City’s Party Secretary Vuong Dinh Hue has just assigned Hoan Kiem district to research and develop the project to build Zero Milestone in this area.

Vietnam temporarily stopped entry for foreigners from 27 European countries


The Vietnamese Government decided to stop entry for foreigners (including Vietnamese carrying foreign passports) from the UK, Northern Ireland and 26 Schengen countries or for those who had traveled through these countries within 14 days.

Which items are allowed to take out of aircraft?


Like hotels, there are free items for passengers to take out, but there are also items you are not allowed to take out.

15-inch Macbook Pro forbidden to carry on hand luggage, can it be carried in checked luggage?


After Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam announced banning to carry 15-inch Macbook Pro which are manufactured and sold (from September 2015 to February 2017) on board in any form, many passengers are doubt if their laptops are prohibited on board?

Passenger on board may soon surf facebook, send e-mails from an altitude of 10,000m


From this Oct 10, wireless internet system (wifi) on Airbus 350 of a domestic airline will be activated. Then passengers on board can surf facebook, send e-mails and make phone call at an altitude of 10,000m at rate 8-10USD/package.

Vietnam Airlines offers check-in counters specifically for families with the elderly and young children


In order to enhance passenger experience and reduce waiting time for check-in procedures at the airports, from June 15, 2019, Vietnam Airlines officially offered check-in counters specifically for families with the elderly and young children (“Family check-in”) at all domestic airports.

Hoi An named world’s best city by the US travel magazine


Beating many other famous cities of Tokyo, Japan or Rome, Italy ..., Hoi An, an ancient city in Quang Nam province, Vietnam has been name the world’s best city by the US travel magazine Travel + Leisure.

Da Nang launches smart public bicycle service


In order to facilitate residents and visitors and reduce environmental pollution caused by emissions and fuel consumption for the whole city, Da Nang is collecting opinions from people and visitors on smart bicycle development project.