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Passenger on board may soon surf facebook, send e-mails from an altitude of 10,000m

   30-09-2019 11:57 PM
From this Oct 10, wireless internet system (wifi) on Airbus 350 of a domestic airline will be activated. Then passengers on board can surf facebook, send e-mails and make phone call at an altitude of 10,000m at rate 8-10USD/package.

Passengers traveling on Airbus 350 will be able to use wifi service since October 10

Mr. Nguyen Nam Tien - Deputy Head of Information Technology Division of Vietnam Airlines - said: “In-flight Wi-Fi has been deployed by many world airlines during past 6 - 7 years. In Vietnam, wifi systems on Airbus 350s delivered in 2015 by manufacturers are available. However, due to many factors, we have been able to deploy this service so far”.
Also, wifi network is connected by this airline via Vinasat satellite. Currently the airline is testing this services and its initial results are recorded to be stable. Several airlines in the region are also using this satellite network.
The wifi network service is first operated on 4 Airbus 350 wide-body aircrafts with best technical infrastructure, then will be applied on other modern aircraft such as Boeing 787-9, boieng 787 -ten. At first, such wifi system is opened on aircraft operated on international flights, inland flights from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City and vice versa.

Wifi network is set up along the passenger cabins

“Wifi network is set up along the aircrafts to ensure best signal. Safe condition for using wifi is that when the aircraft has stabilized in height, the wifi network will be activated. Passengers may surf facebook, use e-mail, text, access websites.
However, during the takeoff and landing, the wifi network will be disconnected; passengers must turn off their electronic devices to avoid wave interference between pilots and navigation control center to ensure absolute security and safety. ”- Mr. Tien said.
Regarding cost of using wifi on board, a representative of Vietnam Airlines said it will offer different package to meet needs of passengers in using text, e-mail, website, facebook or messaging or making phone calls. Cost for this wifi service is equivalent to roaming. It is expected to offer 8-10USD/package/use time counted data capacity. Passengers wishing to use wifi will get the service as a voucher or via payment by credit card.

The onboard wifi network is connected via Vinasat satellite

It is known that the wifi service on board will have a notification identifier. The commercial departments of the airline will fix on the website system with the icon of the wifi transmitter column for customers to identify and select flights if needed. When passengers do check-in at the airport will be notified of wifi service. Flight attendants will announce specifically and manuals for passengers to use wifi easily is available behind seats.