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Simplify procedures on granting passports and birth registration to Vietnamese citizens abroad

   12-07-2019 07:09 AM
Many documents in orocedures on passport issuanc; supplement and amendment of ordinary passports at Vietnamese representative agencies abroad; birth registration for children born abroad and have Vietnamse citizenship; Marriage registration between Vietnamese citizens in foreign countries, etc are removed.

Vietnam is aiming for simple administrative procedures related to immigration
The Government just issued Resolution no.116/NQ-CP to simplify administrative procedures and citizen papers related to population management within scope of state management functions of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In particular, regarding the procedures for granting ordinary passports for first time; re-issuance of ordinary passports; supplementing and amending ordinary passports at the Vietnamese representative agencies abroad, Resolutions on removing kinds of documents including valid Police Clearance Certificate issued for Vietnamese citizens currently abroad by the Immigration Department, documents proving Vietnamese nationality (with photos), valid papers issued by the state management agencies to citizens with personal particulars and photos (with information on nationality as stipulated in Joint Circular No.08/2009/TTLT-BCA-BNG (amended and supplemented by Joint Circular No.08/2013/TTLT-BCA-BNG)); birth certificate for children under age 14 who apply for a passport separately. Instead, applicant should submit a copy of the document with a personal identification number with a photo (present the original for verification).
For procedures for birth registration for children born abroad and having Vietnamese citizenship at Vietnamese representative agencies abroad, following documents removed: Passport or Identity card, marriage certificates of parents (in case both parents have Vietnamese citizenship, personal identification numbers and registered marriage or recorded in marriage register at the Vietnamese competent authority). Instead, the applicants present the original documents containing parents’ photos and personal identification number (if submitted directly) or a copy of these documents (if sent by post).
For procedures on marriage registration between Vietnamese citizens temporarily staying abroad or between Vietnamese citizens residing abroad with foreigners at Vietnam Representative Agencies abroad, the requirement to present passports or Identity cards are removed, instead, the applicant only need to present personal identificationdocuments containing photos and personal identification number instead. At the same time, there is no need to submit proof of marital status to the party who are Vietnamese citizens (not having a foreign nationality at same time) and have personal identification numbers.
At Marriage Registration Declaration, it is also not required to provide information about the date/month/year of birth, ethnic group and nationality; Replace field "personal identification documents” with "documents containing personal identification document".