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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will make it easier for you to access our services. You can immediately find answers to some frequently asked questions about Airport Fast Track service.
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It is a service to assist passengers at the airport. When you have a flight: Arrivals or Departures from an airport in Vietnam.
Currently we offer 3 types of services corresponding to the needs of customers:
  • Meet and Assist – Arrival: Pick up at the airport (For Arriving Flights – customers fly from other places)
  • Meet and Assist – Departure: Airport departure services (For Departing Flights – customers fly to elsewhere)
  • Meet and Assist – Connection: Pick-up / Drop-off (For connecting Flights)
In addition to each type of service, in order to meet customer demand, we also provide a variety of services, ranging from NORMAL Service to LUXURY Service, with varying privileges associated with each. The highest level of service is LUXURY, which meets quality standards for ministerial level or leaders of major corporations worldwide.
To know more information about the fee and details of services, please click HERE.

2. What Vietnam airport can I use Airport Fast Track Service?

Currently, we provide Fast Track Services with arriving flights and departing flights within the territory of Vietnam such as:

  • NoiBai International Airport (Hanoi City)
  • Da Nang International Airport (Da Nang City)
  • Cam Ranh International Airport (Nha Trang city)
  • Lien Khuong International Airport (Dalat City - Lam Dong Province)
  • Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City)
  • Phu Quoc International Airport (Phu Quoc Island).

3. Can I use Airport Fast Track Service when I entry Vietnam by bus or cruise?

The only Fast Track Service we now provide is at the airport; neither the land border nor the harbor provide this service.

4. What will I get when I use The Airport Fast Track Services?

- Get rid of your first cultural shock and language anxiety while traveling to a new place.
- Time-saving:
  • Saving time to understand the system of regulations on entry and exit.
  • Short wait time in line before your turn. If you are a VIP, a private line will be provided to you. Typically, it takes 30 to 40 minutes to finish the entry and leave processes. When booking these services with us, you only take 5-10 minutes to complete it.
  • Saving time to understand diagrams of areas in the airport and how to move there.
- Fully supported during your stay in Vietnam:
  • Information on tourist destinations, travel experiences in Vietnam from local people.
  • Be in touch with relevant authorities and guide procedures to resolve issues that you encounter in Vietnam.
- Get 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of service.

5. Can I not use The Airport Fast Track Service when entering /exiting Vietnam?

- You can decide whether to use our airport Fast Track service or not.
- There are no regulations of Vietnam government to inquiry the foreigner using the airport Fast track service when entering / exiting Vietnam.

6. Why can confirm that we are one of the best companies that can provide The Airport Fast Track Service in Vietnam?

- Bao Minh International Travel., JSC is one of the leading travel agencies in Vietnam, we have more than 1000 customers per month, and total more than 15 thousand customers in 2017. Of which VIP customers such as: Eric Smith - Google Group PresidentSports Stars, Actors, Foreign Politicians as Minister of Malaysia, …
- In the end, with our capability, we have built a 24-hour staffing system and a close coordination process with the relevant departments at the airport to ensure the best possible services to our beloved customers.

7. How The Fast Track Airport Service’s process take place?

We provide three types of services to meet your need, here is a summary of the processes:

Meet and Assist - Arrival

  • A representative from our organization will meet you at the jet bridge with a sign board that includes your name and our brand to link you from the plane to the terminal area.
  • Assist the entry procedure without queue waiting.
  • Get luggage from the carousel.
  • Take you to the car pickup area if you have a private car pick up, or call taxi if you have a request.

Meet and Assist - Departure

  • Set up time and place to meet at the airport (usually before 2 hours with international flight, and before 1 hour 30 minuties with domestic flight).
  • Assist the fast check-in procedure.
  • Baggage support / luggage assistance (if any).
  • Assist to get the exit stamp without queue waiting (if you take international flight).
  • Guiding other information for the trip (if you have requested).

Meet and Assist - Connection

  • A staff from our company will welcome you at the airport with a sign board
  • Assist for quick entry / exit procedures (if your flight conditions require you to enter/exit Vietnam).
  • Assist you in the process of moving between terminals in the airport (between the domestic terminal and the international terminal)
  • Assist the fast check – in procudure
  • Baggage support / luggage assistance
  • Guiding and take you into the waiting room boarding
  • Guiding other information for the trip (if you have requested)
- For those who are required Visa to enter Vietnam please prepare visa stamping fee (The visa stamping fee at the airport will be paid directly for the custom border and is not included in the Fast Track Airport service fee)
  • Visa single entry: 25 USD
  • Multiple entry visa: 50 USD
  • 6-month / 12-month Visa: 135 USD
- For details of The Fast Track Airport Service’s process and service rates for each type, please see HERE.

8. What language do our staff speak?

Our staff is carefully chosen to speak English and their native tongue (Vietnamese) fluently and to communicate effectively in all situations.
If you are not fluent in English or Vietnamese and require our staff to communicate in your own language, please send us your request via our support center at: support@airports-fasttrack.com for fastest service.
Note: If any cost arise due to such requirement, we will let you know through email, and you will need to pay those costs in order to confirm the service.

9. May I ask for special services when booking pickup service?

Yes, if you may require any additional request other than those available in this pickup service, please contact us at the support center: support@airports-fasttrack.com for fastest service.
Note: Note: If any cost arise due to such requirement, we will let you know through email, and you will need to pay those costs in order to confirm the service.

10. Do I have to pay extra fees for pickup service to your staff at airport?

No, all cost for airport pickup service (including cost of special services) are notified to your email and and full payment is required before your arrival.
If you're a citizen of a nation that needs a visa to enter Vietnam (using visa approval letter). You will need to pay visa fee to airport customs officers corresponding to following visa categories:
  • 1 month / 3 month single entry visa: 25 USD
  • 1 month / 3 month multiple entry visa: 50 USD
  • 6 month / 12 month multiple entry visa: 135 USD
(You may pay such fee directly to airport customs officers. In other way, in order to ensure smooth and prompt procedures, you may give the amount of money to our staff along with your passport, our staff will be on behalf of you to pay such fee to airport customs officers)
Upon completion of immigration procedure, our staff will give you back your Passport with Visa affixed and receipt of the amount paid, then you should check again: visa type, visa validity and receipt of the amount paid.

11. How can I find your staff at airport and identify who your staff are?

Once you have provided us with your accurate flight information, contact details ... in form of online booking, we will arrange our staff to pick you up at gates connecting from airplane area to arrival area.
Our staff hold up a cardboard sign with your name or whatever symbol you give us before your arrival. Look around and you will be very easy to get connected our staff.
An important notes:
  • Only staff who we have arranged in advance to pick you up will hold up the cardboard sign with the details that you have provided. Those who do not hold up a cardboard sign with inaccurate details are not our staff.
  • If you can not find our staff through these signs, do not worry as he may look around for you. At this time, please call us at: +84.982.795.232 for fastest service.

12. May I ask to cancel or change my service due to change of departure and/or arrival time, flight code or cancellation?

If your booking is in the "wait payment" status, you have the right to request cancellation whenever you want.
If you successfully submit your service form and agree to adhere to the Terms and Conditions specified in the form on our website, we are sorry that refund of your service fee is not allowed at this stage. In the event that your booking status is "Paid" or "processing," we also may not refund your service fee.
There is a case that you will be either reserved or refunded all fee to your account: Your scheduled flight is canceled, in this case, you need to submit a cancellation request or give notice to our email at: sales@airport-fasttrack.com for at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time compared to the time specified on your booking form for reservations, changes or cancellations of the service with free of charge. If you can not notify us for at least 24 hours in advance: You will not be able to reserve or cancel your service and your service fee will not be refunded.
For more information on refund or cancellation, please click HERE

13. When I cancel my service, how long can I get my money back?

In case you are entitled to cancel your service, and you have submitted your cancellation request at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time announced on your service form, you will be refunded 100% of the service fee which has been paid 15-20 days after receiving our email of confirmation of cancellation from us.

14. I am required to have visa to enter Vietnam but such visa or visa approval letter are not available, may I use your pickup service?

It is possible to book our pickup service without the visa or visa approval letter. However, please make sure that you will be granted a visa, or a visa approval letter at your destination before youbook air tickets to Vietnam.

15. May I book your pickup services when I have visas for entering Vietnam or under visa exemption?

Yes, definitely
According to Vietnamese government regulations, all citizens who carry Vietnamese nationality and foreign nationals (including nationals of countries under Vietnamese visa exemption) should do immigration procedures for international flights (enter and exit territory of Vietnam).
Therefore, our responsibility is to assist you with immigration procedures including:
Visa-affixed procedures (for those who apply their visa successfully)
Immigration seal procedures (for those who already have visa affixed or under visa exemption)

16. May children use your pickup service?

Yes, definitely.
Our pickup service is provided to all visitors including children and/or adults. However, we offer a preferential policy for children under 24 month old.
For more details, please click HERE

17. May I have lower price for pickup service for whole families or groups?

Yes, we offer a preferential price policy for those who book for large number of visitors. For more information about prices of services for groups, please click HERE

18. In my group, some people who already have visa or under visa exemptions, how to apply Vietnamese visa for the remaining?

First of all, you need to make sure that those who are required to have Vietnamese visa already have E-visa or Vietnam Visa Approval letter before their departure.
In immigration areas at Vietnam airports, we will arrange two staffs with different responsibility as below:
  • One staff will guide those who already have visa or under visa exemption
  • Other staff will guide those who have to apply for visa approval
Note: Upon our arrangement at the airports, the two staff may guide your groups split in two different directions, and will eventually meet at baggage claim area.

19. May I use your pickup service if I have too many or large luggage?

Yes, definitely.
The service we provide is to help you to solve any problems relating to immigration procedures in Vietnam. Our staff will assist you with carrying your luggage if you carry too many or large luggage for your trip.

20. If I'm not satisfied with your service, how can I give feedback?

We are so sorry and sincerely apologize if you are unhappy with quality of services we provide. We have a customer service center which is available to handle all complaints through: Please let us know your comments with pictures, videos (if any) about complaints, we will receive and respond to you within 4 working hours immediately upon receipt of your complaints.
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