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   16-07-2019 09:21 AM
Tan Son Nhat International Airport is the largest international airport in South Vietnam, located 8 km north of Ho Chi Minh City center in Tan Binh District, Tan Son Nhat International Airport is the focal point. Important traffic of the entire South

Panoramic view of Tan Son Nhat International Airport from above

  • English name: Tan Son Nhat International Airport (TIA)
  • Address: Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
  • Phone: (08) 3848 5383.
  • Fax: (08) 3848 7450.
  • Website: http://tansonnhatairport.vn
  • Airport code: SGN


Tan Son Nhat International Airport has 2 passenger terminals including: a 40,048m2 domestic terminal and a 93,228m2 international terminal, with maximum capacity of over 13 million of domestic visitors and 12 million international visitors/year.
  • Connecting flights between International flights: walking/elevators as directed in Terminal 2.
  • Connecting flights between International and Domestic flights: walking from the terminal 2 to the terminal 1 or vice versa as directed. In addition, there are buses serving passenger with connecting flights on itinerary between MEL / SYD / KUL / SIN - HAN and vice versa.
  • Connecting flights between Domestic flights: walking as directed in the Terminal 1.
At the airport, there is a transfer counter and a guide sign for transfer. The transfer counter is located on first floor.

Aviation activities:

Tan Son Nhat International Airport is currently the busiest airport and has the highest transport volume in the country.
Currently, Tan Son Nhat International Airport has 04 domestic airlines (Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Jetstar Pacific and VASCO) are operating domestic and foreign routes and 43 international airlines, including passenger carriers and freight carriers.
As per 2015 summer schedule, from Tan Son Nhat International Airport, there are regular direct flights to 18 domestic airports and 24 international airports.

Check-in counters for Vietnam Airlines:

- Domestic flights: E-F-G-H
  • Non-luggage counter: E3-F5
  • Business class counter: F1-F8
  • Economy class counter: G1-G12; H1-H12
  • Web check-in counter: G1A
- International flights: A-B.
- Business class counters at international terminal: B1, 2, 3.
- Economy class counter in international terminal: B4 - B10; A1 - A10
* Baggage claim: International flights: Baggage claim area is located on ground floor, from conveyors No. 1 to No. 6.
Lost Baggage Counter is in front of the customs clearance area, at the left corner of arrival hall.

Vietjet Air

  • Check-in counters for domestic flights at the terminal 1. VietJet will carry out check-in procedures for domestic flights at J & K counters in the domestic terminal.
  • Check-in counters for flights to Bangkok at the terminal 2

Jetstar Pacific

  • Exploiting C and D areas at the domestic terminal (with domestic flights)
  • International terminal (for international flights).

Utility services at Tan Son Nhat airport

To meet needs of passengers, Tan Son Nhat Airport currently offers the following utility services:
  1. Banking and ATM services: Vietin Bank service is opposite D2 door (the domestic terminal). There have 6 ATM machines on the ground floor, opposite to the D2 departure gate of the domestic terminal; 04 ATM machines at column 14, 01 machine at column 3 - ground floor of arrival hall (the international terminal)
  2. Medical services: All medical clinics work 24 hours a day.
  • Medical facility at the domestic terminal: Lobby between arrival and departure hall, near D2 gate (the domestic terminal)
  • Medical facility at departure hall of the international terminal: Near boarding gate number 18
  • Medical facility at arrival hall of the international terminal: Ground floor, Lobby of the arrival hall (A2 Gate,, next to Mai Linh Taxi service)
  • Medical facility at gate 17: ground floor under gate 17
  1.  Luggage storage service: Baggage storage counters at columns 13 & 14, ground floor of international terminal. Open from 7:00 - 23:00.
  2.  Recreational service: The children's play area is located on the second floor of isolation area, the departure hall of the  international terminal.
  3.  Packing service: The domestic terminal has 3 positions located near: gate D2, near the escalator to the departure gate and opposite the A & B area. The international terminal has two positions, near D1 and D2 entrance doors.
  4.  Money exchange service: Located at the international terminal, there are 4 positions: near the boarding gates number 17,18; opposite the D area (Departure hall); behind the border gate police (Arrival hall); arrival hall of the  international terminal (exit)
  5.  Free Wifi service: Both 02 terminals have been equipped with free wifi service, 24/24 operation, allowing passengers to access the internet without any time limit. Select network ".TSN Free Wifi Express" to connect.
  6.  Free charging service: The domestic terminal has provided a free battery charging service, operating 24/24 at the following locations:
  • D1 gate, opposite the automatic check-in kiosk of Vietnam Airlines
  • Vietjet Air waiting room, opposite boarding gates 16-17
  • 1st floor opposite security screening area
  1. 1st floor of waiting area, opposite the boarding gates 10-11 and 11-12
  2. Chair & sleeping box: While waiting for flights, passengers can sit and rest in sleeping chairs or rent a bedroom located on the 2nd floor of the isolation area, the international terminal, near gates 21-22. After completing the security screening and exit procedures, passengers turn right to go to the end of the corridor towards the boarding gate number 27.
  3. VIP services: VIP and CIP-class guest rooms at Tan Son Nhat international airport includes:
  • Domestic terminal: 2 VIP living rooms in the isolation area of ​​the 2nd floor
  • International terminal: 6 guest rooms at the isolation area of ​​1st and 3rd floors