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A complete restoration of domestic flights of Vietnam Airlines

   16-06-2020 01:36 PM
Number of Vietnam Airlines' domestic flights on May 29 exceeded beyond the same period in 2019 with an impressive increase of 36% and reached over 300 flights.

Photo: Vietnam Airlines

On the afternoon of May 29, a representative of Vietnam Airlines informed that for the first time since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Vietnam, domestic flights of Vietnam Airlines on May 29 exceeded beyond the same period in 2019 with an impressive increase of 36% and reached over 300 flights.
Thus, Vietnam Airlines has officially completely restored the number of domestic flights over the same period in 2019. The strong return of domestic transport also helped the company reach the total number of flights operating on the network on May 29 almost the same as the previous year, more than 350 passenger and cargo flights.
Representatives of Vietnam Airlines said that this is a positive signal marking a positive and strong restoration of Vietnam Airlines in particular and domestic aviation in general. Due to the well-controlled situation of COVID-19 in Vietnam, the number of domestic passenger flights has rapidly increased. Since the end of the order of social distancing on April 23, Vietnam Airlines has transported more than 500,000 turns of domestic flights.
For international flights, the ministries, agencies and competent agencies are currently studying to propose and report to the Government to consider and decide to gradually ease immigration measures and restore international flights to resume trade affairs, relatives visiting, tourism and investment according to the actual situation of epidemics in the country and around the world. Vietnam Airlines is always in the position of being ready to recover or re-connect international flights when the Government has made decisions.
Previously, in mid-May Vietnam Airlines has launched 5 more domestic routes to many famous tourism destinations to meet the increasing travel demand of passengers, as well as contributing to stimulating tourism demand before the peak time in Summer 2020, in response to the campaign "Vietnamese people travel Vietnam" of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the airline plans to open 6 more domestic routes to develop, expand and perfect the domestic flight network in Jun.
Vietnam Airlines still maintains disinfection measures for the entire fleet of all flights; At the same time, they take measures to check health status of passengers at the airports in accordance with the regulations of Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam. The flight crew includes pilots and flight attendants to be equipped with face masks, gloves and alcohol paper towels. Passengers on the flights during these days are required to wear face masks during the flights.