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Private car pickup
 services help international travelers book cars for their trips quickly and conveniently.
The travelers often worry about the booking such as: How to book a car? Is the car guaranteed? How about pick-up time? Are there good, polite drivers? Is rental fee reasonable?
We understand your concerns and provide you with online booking options that are both simple and effective.
With us:
  • You can book a car for your trip from anywhere at any time.
  • Driver’s details will be provided at least 1-2 days prior to departure.
  • Timely pickup
  • 100% of drivers are thoroughly assessed on their identification and licensed to carry passengers by Vietnam Road Administration.
  • Your request is received and processed on 24/7 services.
  • You are keep updated service charge before confirmation booking (including all expenses for the trip such as driver’s, fuel, toll, parking fees, etc.)
  • No surcharge is required for pick-up at night time or peak hours.
  • Flexible to change time and place of pick up (in this case, the service charge is subject to change depending on updated time and place of pick-up)
  • You can completely cancel the booking even if your service charge has been paid successfully (we accept cancellation at least 24 hours before pickup time; within 24 hours from pickup time, you may only reserve or change in time and place pick up.)
  • Comprehensive insurance up to USD 1 million.

Rate and types of vehicles:

  AIRPORT / CITY Sedan (4-5 Seats) SUV / MPV (7 Seats) 16 - 24 Seats 35 - 45 Seats
Standard Car Luxury Class Standard Car Luxury Class Ford Transit, Mercedes Transit.. Huyndai, Daewoo..
Civic, Chervolet, Altis, Vios.. Camry, Mercedes, BMW, Audi.. Innova, Chervolet, Mitsubishi .. Mercedes, BMW, Audi..
  Hanoi Airport (Hanoi City) $30 $120 $40 $150 $70 Contact
  Danang Airport (Danang City) $25 $100 $35 $120 $55 Contact
  Tan Son Nhat Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) $25 $110 $35 $120 $60 Contact

Rates apply for one way from airports to city centers or vice versa.

If you have other request on schedules, please contact us directly for fastest support:


Step1: Booking your car online today

To book a care, you just need to complete a form BOOK NOW with very simple information and send to us, our operation personnel will receive and process your request immediately.
Or you can contact our operation personnel directly to book a car:

Step 2: Confirmation of booking details and payment

  • Our operation personnelwillprocess your request immediately upon receipt.
  • Confirm important information such as contact number, time and place of pick up and amount of money to be paid
  • The said amount of money should be paid in advance (see further terms on refund and cancellation).

Steps 3: Confirmation of booking

  • Upon receipt of full payment, we will send an email of booking confirmation (if there is information need to be revised, please reply to us by email).
  • Another email or SMS will be sent to remind you about the time and place of pickup before departure. Most importantly, this email or SMS contains registration number of the vehicle and phone number of the driver who will pick you up (Please keep this information for quick and appropriate pickup)
  • The driver will pick you up at agreed places.

Step 4: Completion and evaluation

After the trips, we highly appreciate your valuable opinions on the driver’s attitude and the quality of service which will help us further improve our services and help travelers to make their right choice.


- Do not get in the car when you are not sure that the car is provided by us (You mayfirst check the booking details we providesuch as company name, registration number of the vehicle, name of driver and his phone number).
- Do not provide your personal information to the driver in any case (Necessary information for your trip has been notified to the driver before pickup time)
- Check your belongings before leaving the car.
- Do not pay any other service charges to the driver (except for tip if you are satisfied and  appreciate the driver’s attitude)

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Frequently asked questions


It is a service to assist passengers at the airport. When you have a flight: Arrivals or Departures from an airport in Vietnam.
Currently we offer 3 types of services corresponding to the needs of customers:
  • Meet and Assist – Arrival: Pick up at the airport (For Arriving Flights – customers fly from other places)
  • Meet and Assist – Departure: Airport departure services (For Departing Flights – customers fly to elsewhere)
  • Meet and Assist – Connection: Pick-up / Drop-off (For connecting Flights)
In addition to each type of service, to meet the demand of our customers we also offer many kind of services with options from NORMAL Service to LUXURY Service, respectively with each type of service are different privileges, the highest one is LUXURY with quality standards for Ministerial level or leaders of large corporations in the world ...

2. Can I use Airport Fast Track Service when I entry Vietnam by bus or cruise?

We are so sorry about this. Currently we just offer Fast Track Service at the airport, have not yet offered this service at Land border or harbor.
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